Torani & Haddad pharmacy - Products and services

SpecPharma offers unique, innovative products compliant with the most stringent preparation standards as well as the full range of NAPRA, OPQ and USP quality standards.NAPRA and the USP.

Confidentiality. Discretion. Efficiency.

We are one of the only pharmacies in Québec to offer specialized treatments and the capacity to advice, serve, prepare and, if need be, dose, mix and deliver a medication to anywhere in Québec.

If a given treatment is out of stock, Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad pharmacy can prepare the missing drug on site if the active ingredient is available, as was the case during the 2019 Tamoxifen shortage. During that shortage, our pharmacy was able to supply the drug to all oncology patients who required it.

Préparations stériles et non stériles
Sterile preparations

State-of-the-art sterile rooms on site.

Préparations non-stériles
Non-sterile preparations

Ventilated room on site for preparation of various compounded prescriptions.

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
IV oncology protocols

Access to treatments, preparations on site, fast delivery to infusion centres and close contact with Québec infusion clinics for optimum synergy.

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
Per os (oral administration) oncology protocols

Access to the most advanced treatments (wide variety of treatments in stock).

Assistance pour les demandes d’exception d’assurances privées et publiques
Insurance management

Team specialized in insurance reimbursements with knowledge of available financial support programs. End-to-end patient support and guidance.


Appointments available within 24 to 48 hours. Québec Immunization Program. Access to vaccines that are free under the public health system (subject to eligibility) and certain specialized vaccines. Travel health clinic.

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
Related treatments

Knowledge and availability of complementary treatments to ease side effects and optimize treatment efficacy.


Expert pharmacists with advanced-practice training on illnesses treated, specific medications used and access to your bloodwork results for optimal evaluation.

All the attention and respect you deserve.

Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad pharmacy offers services in synergy with all healthcare providers in patients’ lives: from pharmacists to specialist physicians, nurses, hospitals, laboratories and insurers, every link in the chain is covered. We have several pharmacists qualified in specific therapeutic fields, which enables fast starts (elimination of wait times to begin treatment), and each patient is served with all the attention and respect they deserve.

Comment savoir si les médicaments complexes sont sécuritaires?

Les experts de la pharmacie Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad répondent à vos questions. La pharmacie Gabriel Torani et Habib Haddad est une pharmacie indépendante qui offre des services, des médicaments et des traitements réguliers et spécialisés aux patients et aux professionnels de la santé depuis 2011. Une équipe de plus de 60 experts en santé prépare et livre des préparations simples et complexes partout au Québec. Notre équipe de 14 pharmaciens, 2 infirmières, 28 techniciens de laboratoire et spécialistes en remboursement des assurances chez SpecPharma offrent des conseils confidentiels par téléphone, vidéoconférence, courriel ou en personne. Ils travaillent en synergie avec tous les intervenants dans la santé du patient en oncologie, neurologie, rhumatologie, pneumologie, gastro-entérologie, maladies rares, ainsi que pour les soucis réguliers de santé.

Polyarthrite rhumatoïde:

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Lupus Erythematosus, Vasculitis, etc.

The Torani and Haddad-SpecPharma pharmacy offers you the information and advice you need to live better with arthritis during the most precious moments like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

You will find references on exercise, medication safety, and home therapy.

Learn how to live better with arthritis.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Muscular Dystrophy, etc.

Torani and Haddad Pharmacy - Multiple Sclerosis Services and Expertise presents tips on how to live the best life possible with multiple sclerosis and on the medications prescribed for the management of MS that can act on different levels of the disease.

You can find information on women's health and multiple sclerosis, on the most common forms, and guides on physical activity, exercise and stretching, diet, stress and drug treatments.

Oncology treatments

All cancers with solid or hematological tumors (tablets, injectable, intraveinous)

Torani & Haddad Pharmacy - Oncology Treatments offers you information and advice on cancer and oncology treatments.
Our health professionals have the expertise and knowledge to accompany you during your treatment.

You will find general information about cancer as well as health tips to help you live better with cancer and its treatments.

Consultations détaillées
Detailed consultations
Évaluations personnalisées
Personalized evaluations
Service-conseil avant, pendant et après chaque traitement
Advisory services before, during and after each treatment
Conseils par téléphone, texto, courriel et vidéoconférence
Advice available by phone, text messaging, e-mail, and video chat
Bureau de consultation sur place
Consulting office on site
Mise en pilulier des traitements complexes
Pill dispenser organization service for complex treatments
Calendriers hebdomadaires
Weekly timetables
Régimes posologiques complexes
Complex dosage regimens
Préparations stériles et non stériles
Sterile and non-sterile preparations
Accompagnement et suivi personnalisés
Rappels automatisés pour les renouvellements
Automated renewal reminders
Accompagnement et suivi personnalisés
Personalized coaching and follow-up
Suivi d’observance thérapeutique
Treatment adherence monitoring
Suivi des examens de laboratoire
Follow-up of laboratory testing
Urgences et service « fast start »
Emergency and fast start services
Clinique de santé-voyage
Travel health clinic
Pression artérielle et examens de routine sur place
Blood pressure testing and routine examinations on site
Formation pour injections sous-cutanées et intramusculaires
Training for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections
Livraison sécuritaire, rapide et gratuite partout au Québec
Safe, fast and free delivery to anywhere in Québec
Assistance pour les demandes d’exception d’assurances privées et publiques
Assistance with private and public insurance exception applications
Traitements à la maison ou en clinique d’infusion
Treatments at home or in infusion clinics
Confidentialité, données sécuritaires
Confidentiality and data security assured