Clinical Research

Les compétences de l’équipe ainsi que la qualité des installations stériles et non stériles de la pharmacie Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad pharmacy ont attiré des demandes de développement et de participation à des études cliniques de phase II et III. Ceci est fait de façon indépendante de tous les autres services offerts.

Whether preparing or handling oral or injectable research products in a sterile environment, the pharmacy offers all the facilities and procedures as well as all the GCP (Good Clinical Practice) training to participate safely in clinical studies, whether the treatment is cytotoxic (in oncology, for example) or non-cytotoxic.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include ventilated rooms and anterooms, along with sterile rooms and hoods for cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic preparations. The temperature, humidity and pressure-variation control system used in our rooms and refrigerators is compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 and is one of the best such systems in North America. In addition, our delivery system uses tested, proven sensors (TempTale) for optimized traceability.

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